little gods

April 19, 2020 at 1:57 am

LITTLE GODS by Meng Jin is the story of one Chinese woman, told through the lens of the people who knew her best. Su Lan is a physics genius, a cinderella story who grew up in a poverty stricken village in China and became a scientist as an adult. She is perplex, an enigma to even those who know her for years. The book is told from three points of view: her neighbor’s, her daughter’s, and her husband’s. All three of them have questions about Su Lan, and each other. Her life has many secrets, and her loved ones spend years trying to uncover them. Su Lan moves to America with her daughter, who returns to China once Su Lan has passed away to learn more about her life. The lies and secrets she learns during this trip change everything.

This book was really moving. Every character was so well thought out and written, especially Su Lan. It was inspiring how she made a new life for herself after growing up in poverty. It was also a bit frustrating to watch all the people around her struggle with her secrets. I highly recommend it though, as it was really well written and also very informative on the modern history of China.
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